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Developed Invoicing System for one of the leading Logistics Management companies in USA.

The Client
The client is a logistics company with presence in the major business areas through partners and offices around the world, a state-of-the-art quality logistics solution in a highly growing economic area, serving USA, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Business Situation
The client wanted to develop an invoicing system which would be able to download the invoices of the goods to be shipped from their client’s mainframe system, add the shipping details to the partially processed invoices, process them and export them in a format which is readable by the mainframes.

The Solution
Databazaar developed the invoicing system for the client which is capable of downloading the invoices, providing a user interface to input the invoice details, process and export them to the format which is readable by the mainframe.

The Technology
• Microsoft Windows 2003
• MS SQL Server 2000
• Java Swing

Business Impact
The benefits accrued to the client were:

• Automation of tasks which consisted of multiple steps.
• Automation of repetitive work.
• Speeding up of the invoicing for the logistics organization
• Client satisfaction